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Documentazione generale Stug III

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qualcosa su Wittman....

In October of 1939, Michael Wittmann joined the 5th Panzerspähkompanie (the depot company of the Leibstandarte) based at Berlin (Lichterfelde), which was an assault gun "academy". In February of 1940, Wittmann was transferred to the newly formed SS-Sturm-Batterie (assault gun battery - Sturmartillerie) of LSSAH, equipped with Sturmgeschutz Ausf A assault guns.The reason for his transfer was that Wittmann held a rank below officer with three years of service and experience on an armored vehicle.At the same time, Wittmann became friends with Hannes Philipsen, Helmut Wendorff, Alfred Günther and other members of that unit. In late 1940, Michael Wittmann started his true panzer combat career in the Balkans (Yugoslavia and Greece). While in Greece, Wittmann was in command of the platoon of Sturmgeschutz III Ausf As (part of LSSAH SS-Sturm-Batterie) and fought there until mid 1941.

On June 11th of 1941, Wittmann along with LSSAH was transferred to the east, in preparations for the upcoming operation "Barbarossa", which started on June 22nd. LSSAH was ordered to advance into southern Russia. On July 12th of 1941, Michael Wittmann received an Iron Cross (Second Class) for destruction of Soviet tanks. Some time later, Wittmann was wounded in combat, but remained with his unit and received the Wound Badge. On September 8th of 1941, he received Iron Cross (First Class) followed after fighting in the Rostov area by the Panzer Assault Badge (for destroying six Soviet tanks in single engagement). Wittmann was also promoted to the rank of SS-Oberscharführer. Until June of 1942, Wittmann fought with his unit in Russia.On June 5th of 1942, because of his outstanding service Wittmann was accepted as a cadet for the officer training in the SS Junkerschule in Bad Tölz (Bavaria).On September 5th of 1942, Wittmann left Bad Tölz school as a Panzer instructor (SS-Panzerausbildungs und Ersatz-Abteilung).


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