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5/28/2010 5:31 PM
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Update track
Kent thanks a lot for the drawing.

As you have seen I made roughly 15 pieces of truck starting from an Armortek original ones.

These are good for a new builted Panther as the ones I started to make but do not fit the originals caused by the shrinkage of the metals during the cooling.

I'm preparing a 3D drawing to mill myself the master piece (3% bigger than the final ) to have a pieces that could be used as a spear parts. Your drawing will be precious, thanks again.

I don't know if I will produce the pieces from the my 3D becouse I already have the way to do all the track for my new Panther (it is not important the -3% in the volume) but, if some other people would like to have new spare track or a new track set different from the ones available on the market, I can ask for a "good" to the guy that mede the 15 pieces youhave seen above.

If you wish I can write to you a summary in english of the post in "PantherTak.Net".

Just a question to plgGe : Are the track sent to you fit the main traction weel holes ?

(non sono sicuro di averlo scritto bene in inglese)
Pierluigi ciao, i fori delle maglie si ingranano nella ruota motrice ? e ibaffi passano trale ruote ?

Un saluto a tutti Ciao, By By


Si vis pacem, para ludere.
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